November 21, 2005

A much-needed break from basking

Good heavens, what a lot of catching up there is to do! I find it rather splendid that you all have sought my wisdom. I will do my best not to disappoint anyone.

Q: What kind of intellectually stimulating reading material do you like Chloe? I think the place to bask sounds good. It sounds like napping in the sun and I like to do that. -Boni

A: Boni, it is delightful that you appreciate the warmth of the sun. One difference between us, however, is that I am a reptile which means I am cold-blooded. This means that I depend solely upon external sources of heat to keep me warm and supply my body with energy. Indeed, basking is required for my survival! It helps me metabolize my food and absorb ultraviolet light which is another essential for a lizard's health.

With regard to your question about intellectually stimulating reading material, I immerse myself in a variety of texts. Whether reviewing and explaining the basics of an IRA plan to my human, or exploring the vast array of information contained in the articles of USA Today, I am fascinated with everything taken in by my brain!

Q: Me Ask, How Can I Make Me Fur More Soft And Luminous? - Gigolo Kitty

A: First, Gigolo Kitty, you want to ensure that your human is providing you sufficient nutrients in your diet. A natural diet high in protein and vitamins and without preservatives is recommended. Alternatively, a high quality commercial food is good. "Fish body oils (not cod liver oil) and flax seed oils add lots of essential fatty acids which will quickly show up as sleek fur. Safflower oil also can help a bit too. Adding about a ½ teaspoon at each meal is usually sufficient. B vitamins, acidophilus and kelp also may assist in getting the skin in better condition... Herbs that can help include burdock root, dandelion, and sage. Jojoba oil and lecithin are also beneficial." The Original Holisticat

Q: Why is it that my Michelina's mandarin chicken tastes like fish? - Puggyspice

A: What a dilemma you have, Puggyspice! It is possible that you have some kind of olfactory disorder. If so, your ability to smell can affect the taste of your food. More information can be found here. Of course, you may also want to review my response (above) to Gigolo Kitty's question, which emphasizes the importance of a natural diet without preservatives. I am 100% certain that your Michelina's products are not all natural or very high quality.

Q: Who the f*ck is this anon blogger who proposed to me? - Puggyspice

A: Miss Puggyspice! Two questions from you in one day is a bit overwhelming. However, I may reconsider your question when you can address me without the use of profanity. I know what that word is, the asterick does not fool me.

Q: Chloe? Are you ok? I get concerned about friends and gotta check on them sometimes. - Boni

A: Sweet Boni, your concern is touching. In fact, I am okay and have been preoccupied with pondering the ways of the world. But thank you for caring!

Q: You talked about your wild cousins in earlier post - have you ever been out in the wild? - Mia and Ghost

A: Mia and Ghost,I actually have not been in the wild. I was born in captivity and then exchanged for money by my breeders. My human brought me home in May, 2003. I have no recollection of my feet ever touching grass or even a sidewalk, much less real sand from the deserts of Australia!

Q: My humans are nuts. Why is this? - Moseskitty

A: Oh my, this is quite peculiar, Moseskitty. I shall need additional information to provide you an accurate response. Tell me - are your humans the kind of nut that is like a seed covered with a hard shell? Or are they more or the metallic sort often paired with a bolt? Then again, perhaps you are using slang for the male gonads known as testicles? Some elaboration can assist me in understanding your quandary.



At 8:35 PM, Blogger Boni said...

Hi Chloe, I'm glad you're back! Thank you for answering my questions. If it's not warm enough where you are you could come snuggle with me, I'd warm you up. You're a lot better read than me if you read USA Today. Maybe I'll have to try it sometime. Take care!

At 1:28 AM, Blogger Gigolo Kitty said...

Me Is Most Appreciative of Your Advice! Evil!Troll Not So Much!

She Asks, What's The Best Way To Strangle An Overweight Tramp Who Craps On Her Bed! Me Is Afraid, She Means Harm To Poor Unfortunate Mistress!

Me Ask, How Can I Protect Poor Mistress? She Has Promised To Make Me Silk Cloak For Christmas!

At 12:47 PM, Blogger Ollylain said...

Chloe, I wonder, how old are you?

At 3:41 AM, Blogger Diva Kitty said...

Happy Gobble-Gobble Day!


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